Maintenance on the host system for Maker Forums has temporarily interrupted service for (Maker Forums Discourse) and is resulting in slower service here on Maker Forums Social.

Sorry for the interruption, and we'll be back as soon as we can!

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Maker Forums Discourse is back. It is likely to be somewhat slow and occasionally to show the maintenance page over the next few hours, due to the underlying site maintenance.

If you see the maintenance page, just wait. It will retry occasionally until it gets through, and should preserve where you were when the page goes away.

Another update: The site maintenance is making Maker Forums Discourse essentially unusable. This is expected to continue for several hours.

While we wait, go make something awesome to share with the community when we're back fully online!


Maker Forums Discourse is currently slow but usable. When maintenance is finished, it should return to normal speed. Thanks for your patience!

The host infrastructure updates that were slowing Maker Forums down a bit are finished. We expect to be running back at full speed now. 🎉

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