I feel betrayed, it was only the keycaps that showed up. @keyboardio should we expect different tracking numbers for the keycaps and keyboards?

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Oh this is exciting news! Thank you @keyboardio for the pleasant info!

A sight omission on my part means I found out that I can take the @bantamtools keychain through airport security. Lovely to meet the team at @IMTSchicago this year!

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It's ohmygodearly o'clock and I'm past security. When getting breakfast, I was clearly not the only one who needed to wake up. Guy rang up the wrong sandwich, but he did give me the one he rang up. I was not upset and just left it as is. Three one he gave me was cheaper 😂👍

And now the assembly has begun, but I'm going to have to wait to finish. Heading to @IMTSchicago and I need to get a bit more hardware still.

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Hey all attendees! A friend is bringing his printer, and @AgentBrum is planning to demo how to install the Recore in it. Sadly he waited a bit too long to sign up for a table. Does anyone have a spare corner they're willing to share?

Holy mother of dog. Sometimes the advances made never cease to amaze me. Next up: 3D printed custom-fitted swimming goggles?
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Magnifying lense FDM printed from PETG. 🌞

Behold the spectacular view! A plate of 60 tracks in TPU on the ender 3 pro (heavily modded). It can be done! @SamPrentice

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Still going strong! Another 20 hours to go, but that printer is reliable. What a workhorse!

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Thought I was done. Hah! I forgot about the track pieces! Here they are on the build plate. @SamPrentice you ever done all 60 at once?

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Ok, guys, I finally got around to creating a company profile on Twitter for my LLC (or equivalent, Switzerland calls them Sàrl). If you want to see what I'm up to professionally, or get in touch for business, follow & contact @3detplus

Final side plate done! Took some doing too time the second color change, looks like I have to investigate why klipper doesn't want to do it automatically, be but finished! Sadly I ran out of the @Polymaker_3D blue petg. But otherwise I'm just waiting for parts to arrive!

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I think I just found a retraction hell benchmark part... So very glad my delta uses direct drive, even if the motor is remotely controlling the extruder!

Not entirely sure about my color scheme. It's gonna look like a Christmas edition 😂 @Polymaker_3D

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