I made something with an angle-grinder, hand drill, rusty tape measure, guesswork and some big stainless self tapping screws.
Still needs the sides and flap fitting, but I'm dead proud.

100% up-cycled from an old small PVC+Fibreglass launch trailer, the wishbone from a dead sailboard, and scrap plywood from rebuilding a boathouse.

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So I've been having issues with the wifi driver on the Raspberry Pi 3 being... crap.

It seems like the driver locks up when the pi roams between BSSIDs some times, so I have a script that checks every morning and if the wlan0 connection is wedged it reboots the pi and that usually fixes the problem.

But suddenly some of my pis have started falling off line a lot. Like, every day, within a few hours of the daily health check reboot.

Bob the Mekong Bobtail has it right,, it's a beautiful day. Go sailing.

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PLA, falls apart in the aquarium.
Light, heat and humidity destroyed this PLA printed outlet guard in a year and a half. I'm hoping the replacement (laser-cut from green styrene and welded) will fare better

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