I don't have DROs on my lathe. Counting turns is a pain even in the lathe's native imperial, let alone metric.

I bought a $30 set of calipers with a large display, and set about designing a way to attach it. It includes modifications to the calipers, a fairly simple bracket, and a ridiculously complex collar to attach to the quill. It would be a lot simpler if I didn't want to attach it at 45° to make it easy to read!

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The flag sticking up at the top is to use an indicator if I want something more precise than these calipers. The calipers aren't bad, but a dial indicator can be more precise.

Cutting the collar will take hours and many ops; I haven't even tried planning all of them. I can do a lot of it on the rotary table.

I'm not looking forward to removing that massive tailstock from the lathe and putting it on the mill to drill mounting holes for the bracket for the caliper body!

Measuring the calipers to model the important parts was kind of a quis custodiet ipsos custodes moment. Who measures the measurer? More calipers!

I had a bit of a scare pulling it apart when a part dropped out. I wasn't even sure what it was. When I finally found it, I discovered it was a wiper to keep the track clean.

I'll cut off both inside and outside measuring tips, part of the body connected to one side of the inside tip, the entire depth rod, and the thumbwheel hook fixture.

If it works, I'll as usual post FreeCAD files and drawings to the forum. But chances are that will be a few months.

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