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Hi, I'm Michael, friendly Maker Forums administrator. I'm the type who uses the tools to make parts for the other tools, and occasionally to do something useful with them. I'm one of the original Linux developers, and I started the Fedora Project at Red Hat.

I enjoy , , and , and hope that I'm close to finishing my custom-designed laser cutter to add another hobby.

I'm an inactive pilot (PP-Instrument-SEL) at the moment but still love

I tested Discourse on AlmaLinux9 and have updated my guide appropriately. It didn't take much! Pretty much "install docker" and "configure SELinux appropriately" was all it took. 🎉

It's not in production yet, only test, so I might have missed something along the way. But I intend to migrate at least one production deployment to AlmaLinux9 at some point this year, and I'll keep updating this.

The python3-certbot-nginx package is now available in epel9 so I have re-updated my instructions to point to that package. 🎉

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They claim to have removed the false record from their database but that it can take up to 24 hours to clear.

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Avast's "security" product is (again) blocking access to Maker Forums, claiming that it is "infected" by "URL:Phishing"

If you use Avast, this post from their forum says how to complain to them about their failure to validate their information:

Wow. Review of "Open Circuits" by Andrew 'Bunnie' Huang.

"Their masterfully executed cross-sectioning process and meticulous photography blur the line between engineering and art, reminding us that any engineering task executed with soul and care results in something that can inspire feelings of awe (“wow!”) and reflection (“huh.”): that is art."

#Technology #Electronics #Engineering #Components #Books #Reviews

I've been sharing my experience with my new belt grinder. I bought it expecting it to be a starting point for improvements, and... I haven't been disappointed there! Some of the work was planned, and some unplanned, but when I'm done I think I'm going to be quite satisfied.

I get a lot of questions at work about how my walking on a treadmill while working affects my concentration. I've been sharing this study that demonstrated that roughly half of the participants demonstrated improved focus and the rest demonstrated diminished focus. News flash, people are different! ☺

Even 120mm/s was just too fast, and I had to rescue it after it started to skip several times. 100 mm/s won't make it take much longer and is more tested, though honestly not with the 0.6mm nozzle. So I'll print at 100mm/s and 260° for second and subsequent layers and hope that solves the problem.

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Interestingly, the narrow-width print failed, grinding filament, hallway through, right after I quit babysitting it and went to work in the shop for a while. I guessed that it needed to be a little hotter and bumped up the temperature for second and subsequent layers, as well as using default layer widths, for this next test.

PrusaSlicer thinks this putting will be about 45 minutes faster with the appropriate layer widths.

Still on the first layer, but it looks a lot better! 🤞

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I've had some print quality issues since installing my 0.6mm nozzle. I finally checked extrusion width and saw it locked to 0.45mm.

I experimented years ago on a different printer, and with my 0.4mm nozzles everywhere just never noticed to revert.

I have an ugly-looking print going now, and I'll hope it finishes before I try again with default extrusion widths — and finally get some speed benefits from my 0.6mm nozzle as well as (I suspect and hope) fixing print quality.

I meant to cut it oversize and then do a finish pass climb milling for finish, but I apparently forgot that when milling the outside. So only some less visible edges got that treatment. 🤦

Second time using the new rotary table. Getting more used to thinking through the additional axis. Was glad I locked the gibs on the Y axis because a few times I reached for the wrong knob; the Y and rotary table knobs are similar and located right next to each other. 😁

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All the rotary work done on that piece. Not tearing down the rotary table until I'm sure I don't want it for the bracket.

Used CA glue to hold it to the plate. Cutting 0.1mm above the plate cut all the way through the part; I only had one place where I superficially scratched the sacrificial plate.

Hit it with a heat gun until light taps with machinist hammer from the side knocked off the superglue, then cleaned up with acetone and deburred.

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It's now superglued to a piece of scrap cast plate which is screwed down to my rotary table.

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I wanted to fixture this part by the inside radius I bored, so instead of using my rotary table I set up my dividing head, pointing up. Then I discovered that the jaws can't fit inside the hole, so I borrowed the chuck from the mini lathe.

Now it's so high it barely fits in the mill.

I'm starting to think that maybe I should break down this tower and just use the rotary table. Probably just superglue it to a sacrificial plate...

It helps if you have enough filament on the spool to finish printing the part. 😬

Looks like I'm running low on black PETG, and I like the idea of the grids being black to contrast with colored boxes and other friends, so I guess it's time to place another order.

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A 5x6 base isn't that much plastic, really (though over 100g more than I would have guessed) but even at 150mm/s with a 0.6mm nozzle, it will take over three hours to print.

I have five of them to print before I print five 5x5 bases.

And that's for just one drawer.

I think I need to buy another few 3D printers to solve my storage problem. 🤪

Also, magic — being able to use the machine tools to make new parts for the machine tools is so cool! Especially when I can walk over to the stock pile and turn stock into parts...

Part of this is having the tools, and part is of course learning how to use them. I'm still a neophyte but learning, and loving it.

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Mission accomplished. Mostly.

The quill still rotates a little. The slot is so rough that being able to run at all means that it can't be a tight fit. But I don't think the rotation will damage the calipers with the new pin in place.

And now I realize that I can make the collar using the dividing head instead of the rotary table, and use the chuck jaws inside the hole to fixture it. So I think progress is unblocked.


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Clearance is clearance! Also, stick-out is scary. I couldn't even tell how much I was taking off at a time because the only way I could reach even with that much stick-out was to remove the quill DRO ring, so I took a few mm at a time, moving slow, with lots of oil.

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Yup, one more patch of hair on this yak!

There's a guide pin under there, held in place by a set screw, but removing the set screw didn't drop the guide pin. I finally realized that the hole had an M5 thread and pulled it.

Made a replacement guide pin with less play out of a bit of 1/2" W1 rod. Took the whole top of the tailstock apart to get the quill out so that I could match the guide pin to the guide slot while it was on the mill. Also made it a bit longer to make it easier to pull later.

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