I went looking this morning and discovered that you can buy a kit which *replaces* a stepper driver and turns a normal stepper motor drawing up to 3A into a closed-loop stepper, for less than $20. That's a pretty low incremental cost for going closed loop!


Interesting. I had seen the 42B version, and I wasn't a big fan of the Allegro driver as a base. Has anyone actually tried the 42Cs to see if they're quiet?

@goeland86 not clear to me that what they have implemented would be as quiet as using a Trinamic external MOSFET chip like the TMC5160 but they claim it is quieter than the allegro.

On the forum, it looks like Kurt plans to try it out, so maybe he'll be able to answer that question soon! 😁

@mcdanlj will keep an eye on his report for sure! Though I was kind of hoping they'd build their kit by putting a TMC instead of the Allegro, not a homebrew solution.

@goeland86 on the other hand the generic ARM controller gives the option of new firmware. Might be possible to use half of it as a servo controller with different firmware.

@mcdanlj Ouch! Looks like they may also have a design/manufacturing flaw if I'm reading things right?


@mcdanlj Did some digging on their github, and ran into this site: misfittech.net/ - looks like they may have tried to clone his work?

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@goeland86 oh interesting github.com/Misfittech/nano_ste

No license file super obvious, but I see GPL in files in the source code.

@goeland86 but misfittech says "The firmware is licensed as GPL V3 for non-commercial use" at the end of the readme — that is kind of nonsense. ☹

@mcdanlj A lot of people seem to misunderstand what the GPL says. He may have wanted a CC instead and got confused.

@goeland86 He even put CC on the hardware so it's not like he doesn't know CC exists...

@goeland86 and if he's building on top of Mechaduino GPL work firmware, how does he offer option for closed-source license?

@mcdanlj smells like a niche where nobody except MKS found his work and bothered to challenge him about it.

@mcdanlj It's so bizarre. What I'd prefer seeing is a board that uses ODrive (github.com/odriverobotics) style controls, though I know that brushless VS stepper is a huge difference in control. At least it's MIT-licensed.

@mcdanlj Sure, but I'd like to have something with at least 3 controlled motors, for a delta!

@goeland86 well, two of them? I don't know what it will cost to make them but Taylor talked about this as intended to replace ODrive because of them abandoning open source. I don't have direct knowledge here, that tweet thread is what I know.

@mcdanlj I looked at the Odrive site - the original dual-motor control is OSS, but he hasn't published a thing about the Odrive pro or Odrive S1 he has in the shop...

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